[Update 2012-09-16: For an overview of available similar software, check this post.]

[Update 2011-02-06: The developer’s web-site beeblebrox.org is now redirecting to http://implbits.com/ where HashTab can still be dowloaded. However, the latter web-site seems to be down sometimes. HashTab is also available from many other web-sites (check Google).]

HashTab is a very-simple-to-use tool which allows you to calculate the file hash sums and compare them to the ones provided by the file author. In Windows, a File Hashes tab appears in the Right-click/Properties menu. Besides showing the hash values, the program allows to compare them against a given value or against a hash sum of another file (file comparison).

Supported algorithms in version 4.0.0: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1.

Support for multiple files: no (one file at a time).

Some programs whose authors provide the control sums for verification of the downloaded files:

As you may guess, in the above examples it is critically important that the program really does what you expect it to do, so you want to download exactly the file you’ve been promised. Other examples include:

  • All programs hosted on Google Code.
  • PHP, a programming language for the Web
  • ZIM, a desktop note keeping system
  • Irfanview, a popular image viewing software
  • OpenOffice, an open-source office software suit
  • All JetBrains software products

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