Lingvo in Ubuntu

Both StarDict and GoldenDict work fine (tested in Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit) with Lingvo dictionaries. I prefer GoldenDict for its look.

One can get Lingvo dictionaries in the Linux format just by searching for them.

Note: I have a purchased Lingvo version. Thus the Abbyy notice that the main cost of Lingvo is the dictionaries, not the program, and that’s why no Linux version exists since the Linux users don’t pay for the programs, doesn’t apply to me.

Install GoldenDict (via Ubuntu Software Center or with an apt-get command) and then install the dictionaries:

  1. Go to the folder with the downloaded deb-files.
  2. To install all English-related dictionaries, execute the command sudo dpkg -i lingvo-stardict-ru-en_3-1_all.deb linstardict-en-*
  3. Restart GoldenDict, if it was running.

Update: Just read here that it is not necessary to convert the Lingvo dictionaries to StarDict form for GoldenDict, the latter can work with Lingvo dictionaries directly. Haven’t this way yet.


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