Processing XML data in Matlab

Many web-services return information in the form of an XML-formatted string. To process it, one can first convert this string into an XmlDOM object and then use its methods to get the data.

Converting XML string into object in Matlab.

import org.xml.sax.InputSource
import javax.xml.parsers.*
iS = InputSource();
xml = xmlread(iS);

Some useful DOM methods:

  • Get a list of nodes (tags): nodes = xml.getElementsByTagName(nodename);
    nodename is what stands after < and after </
    E.g. photos = xml.getElementsByTagName('photos');
  • Get the number of nodes found: nodes.getLength
    The first index is 0.
  • Get node attribute value like id in <user id=”12037949754@N01″>: nodes.item(0).getAttribute(attrName);
    E.g. char(photos.item(i).getAttribute('total'))
  • Get node value of a text-node like <username>Bees</username>: char(nodes.item(0).getTextContent)

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