ACSM eBooks on Kindle

I’ve bought an ebook which (as it turned out after I’ve bought it) is provided in the Adobe Digital Editions format (acsm). This means that the book is DRM-protected and you need ADE to read it on a PC or a compatible ebook reader. Kindle is not one of them.

To read it on Kindle, I have

  1. Installed Adobe Digital Editions and registered it with my Adobe account.
  2. Downloaded the book from the shop (told the browser to open the acsm file with ADE).
  3. Found the epub file on my computer (in my documents).
  4. Installed Calibre and plugins to remove DRM as explained here.
  5. Closed Calibre, opened it again.
  6. Added the epub file to Calibre. The installed plugins de-DRM-ed the epub file.
  7. Connected Kindle to the computer and used Send to device tool to automatically convert the ebook and upload it to Kindle. (Note: I’ve first tried to manually convert the book from epub to mobi format, but for some reason I couldn’t find the mobi file after the conversion.)

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