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Cross-platform dropboxing

I’ve recently had a problem covered here. Basically, the files put to Dropbox on my Mac wouldn’t appear in Linux. Without any warning from Dropbox. Without any visible reason. After many months of successful use of Dropbox on Mac, Windows and Linux. I was hopeless, but was helped by the Dropbox team. The thing was actually mentioned in FAQ, but under such a topic that I have never found it.

The solution was to turn on the extended attributes in Linux. For this, I’ve edited the /etc/fstab file to add the user_xattr attribute to the root partition options.

Of course, this was a Dropbox fault. If it cannot sync some files, it should issue a warning.


pyndexer, share a public folder in Dropbox

One can share files using Dropbox by sending someone a link to a file in a public folder. However, if one wants to share a whole directory, this won’t work, since Dropbox hides the directory contents. Only direct links to the files work.

pyndexer is a Dropbox folder index generator, from Eliphas Queiroz, creator of pyDropboxPath. It creates an HTML file within the public folder, making it possible to browse it.

pyndexer can also encrypt the folder’s content so that only someone with a password can see it.