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Raspberry Pi-based home connection

I am starting up an attempt to create a connected home. Here I will record instructions for some less obvious (to me) actions, where I had to google for more than 2 minutes to succeed.

Set up headless Raspberry Pi

I want to use headless Raspberry Pi, that is no connected keyboard or screen. Connection will be done via SSH.

Create Raspbian SD

I only have an 8 GB micro SD card at hand, so I need the smallest image I can get without much hassle. Currently it’s Raspbian Stretch Lite (download page for the current OS version is here). Using the free Etcher, I burn the image to the SD card.

Enable SSH

To enable SSH connection, with the card still mounted in the Mac, create an empty file named ssh in the SD card root location.

Start up Raspberry

Connect power and network cable (not trying WiFi at the moment). Red and green LEDs (of Raspberry 3) should light up, then only the red one remains on (power on).

After a few moments (within a couple of minutes), the router map of connected devices shows “raspberrypi”, so I can get its IP address. In my case

Connect to Raspberry

To connect via SSH: ssh pi@ It will warn that the key is not known, and ask if I still want to connect. After confirming (I am relatively sure my home network is safe, so I am connecting to this Raspberry), it logs into the Linux CLI of Raspberry. Success!


Raspberry immediately warns me that the default password should be changed using passwd. Other worthy security-related recommendations can be found here.

Time zone

I noticed that the time in Raspberry (command date) was correct but the local time zone was UTC. It can be set using sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata.

Grafana and InfluxDB

sudo aptget update
sudo aptget upgrade
sudo apt-get install influxdb
At this moment works!

Grafana for RPi can be taken from

sudo dpkg -i grafana_4.6.3_armhf.deb


The installer tells how to run grafana:

sudo /bin/systemctl start grafana-server

    At this moment works (shows Grafana login page; use admin/admin to log in)

These two commands:

sudo /bin/systemctl daemon-reload
sudo /bin/systemctl enable grafana-server

might enable auto-start.


Install pip

sudo apt-get install python3-pip