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Batch convert files from SVG to PDF

This is often needed for LaTeX. Here is the script:

for FILE in *.svg
inkscape --file=$FILE --export-area-drawing --without-gui --export-pdf=${FILE%.*}.pdf

${FILE%.*} gets the filename without extension (taken here).


Inkscape: change font size of multiple objects

Sometimes (e. g. when using plot2svg to get figures from Matlab to Inkscape), the text objects in Inkscape do not react to changing the text size.

Check if the selected objects are actually text (select and watch the status line). If they are actually groups, un-group them further (Ctrl+Shift+G) and then change the font size.

LaTeX to SVG

Presentations and posters can be made in Inkscape.

Scientific material often requires equations.

Inkscape doesn’t have an equation editor.

It is possible to compose math in LaTeX, typeset (compile) it to DVI, and convert DVI to SVG using dvisvgm.

Use the command dvisvgm filename.dvi -n to specify that the characters should be converted to paths.


Update: For those who prefer a GUI interface to working with the command line, you can achieve similar results with (Thanks to Peter for sending in the link.)